Elderflower Cordial

My mother used to make Elderflower Champagne, an ostensibly non-alcoholic drink that used to explode with fizziness – I mean literally explode! One went in the boot of the car on our way to the beach, one exploded in storage, all rather messy. I made some many years ago but it proved too gassy for me, indeed, had it  not been in plastic fizzy bottles it would have exploded too.

However, my daughter suggested making elderflower cordial which uses citric acid to kill the yeast, so no fizz. I missed the elderflower last year but harvested early this year.


I used the River Cottage recipe and it is rather lovely, tasty and light but a bit sweet. I think I’ll use less sugar next year. So, anyone visiting can be offered a drink of home made elderflower.

Published by Cosy Creative Crafts

Hi My name is Jane and I live in North Oxfordshire, UK. I started making greetings cards and jewellery, progressed to working with stained glass, played with a microwave kiln for small fused glass items and then went all the way with a studio and kiln. I then explored lampworking and enjoy playing with hot glass too.. I have also been a knitter and crochet(ter?) since childhood. I enjoy playing with colour - the brighter the better in my opinion. I attend craft fairs each year in the local area as my glass is attractive face to face. I also run workshops in my garden studio and love to share my skills with others.

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