Amuse Bouche dishes

No, this is not a cookery blog but I will explain. An amuse bouche is a morsel of food that ‘tickles’ the mouth. If you get one in a restaurant then it is usually free of charge. They can be served on very small plates.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a craft fair in Chipping Campden, deep in the Cotswolds. An American couple stopped by my stall and were very interested in my teaspoon rests. However, they asked whether I could adapt the design to make a pieces slightly bigger. As I had created the mould myself from fibre board and had plenty left over I could oblige. They placed an order for eight black and white dishes which I have just completed.Amuse bouche 2

They form a great pattern. I am hoping that they will share some photos of the dishes in use.

I’m always keen for new ideas of things to make and this was a great challenge. I look forward to others in the future.

Published by Cosy Creative Crafts

Hi My name is Jane and I live in North Oxfordshire, UK. I started making greetings cards and jewellery, progressed to working with stained glass, played with a microwave kiln for small fused glass items and then went all the way with a studio and kiln. I then explored lampworking and enjoy playing with hot glass too.. I have also been a knitter and crochet(ter?) since childhood. I enjoy playing with colour - the brighter the better in my opinion. I attend craft fairs each year in the local area as my glass is attractive face to face. I also run workshops in my garden studio and love to share my skills with others.

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