Another Creative Opportunity!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that there’s no such thing as a mistake in art work – it’s just a creative opportunity and, although a piece of glass may not come out of the kiln as the artist might expect it still is a beautiful piece that someone will like.

So, with that as a pre-amble of course I’ve had another such moment.

Those who know me well know that I like to experiment and try new crafty ideas out. I had seen an idea about making something using frit slurry. Frit is powdered or finely crushed glass and you make a slurry of it with water. So I had fused two large pieces of clear glass together to make the base and then applied my frit slurry to the surface. Using the slurry method allows you to add lots of frit without it all falling off the piece as you do need to add a thick layer to enable you to see the design. You have to leave it to dry before fusing and then it is very fragile but here’s the piece before firing.

Large dish pre fire

You will realise when you look at the final piece that glass can change colour in the kiln – that’s one of the fun bits….what colour will it come out? The article that I got this idea from gave a firing schedule for a fuse and slump in one firing. So, here goes…

Large dish 2

I was delighted with the colours and effects of the mix but not so delighted with the lump in the centre of the dish. I decided to try and slump it again but the lump just got a bit bigger.

Large dish 1

I decided that it was far too colourful a piece to tuck away in the studio so it is for sale. It looks fantastic on a stand in front of a window as the frit is partly transparent

I’m working on an update to my brochure which I’ll publish in the next week or so, it will have my Christmas Collection in it too.

Happy Daze



Published by Cosy Creative Crafts

Hi My name is Jane and I live in North Oxfordshire, UK. I started making greetings cards and jewellery, progressed to working with stained glass, played with a microwave kiln for small fused glass items and then went all the way with a studio and kiln. I then explored lampworking and enjoy playing with hot glass too.. I have also been a knitter and crochet(ter?) since childhood. I enjoy playing with colour - the brighter the better in my opinion. I attend craft fairs each year in the local area as my glass is attractive face to face. I also run workshops in my garden studio and love to share my skills with others.

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