Autumn and Christmas Glass Brochures

I’ve just spent a challenging day trying to adjust to the gain of an hour. No matter how hard I try I’m always confused. I feel sorry for everyone with little ones as they have no hope of knowing why times are different.

However, I also created my Christmas Brochure and updated my Autumn Brochure for glass ware so the day has been successful. Doing this makes me realise just how many new things I’ve made over the last couple of months. If you’d like to buy from it or place an order please email me at

brochure-aut-2016 christmas-brochure-2016

I am about to take my glass pieces to a variety of Craft Fairs so if you’d like to see them for real I’ll put a list on facebook.


Baby Knitting

I’ve just counted up my knitting throughput and I’ve knitted two baby cardigans, one little boy jumper, 6 baby hats and one adult hat. Not bad a for about 6 weeks!dsc_0039dsc_0102dsc_0063-3

I seem to like knitting with multicoloured wool! The top two cardigans are from a brand of varied wool that come in loads of lovely colours – you never quite know how the finished garment is going to look because it depends on its size.

The hats shown are a pattern that one of my daughters particularly like as they have ear muffs. This year I’ve knitted one each in the same wool as jumpers – co-ordinated knitting for toddlers, wow, whatever next? The other two hats are similar colours to the first so that Mummy or Daddy can work out which one is for which boy. I have orders for two more because they get lost. I have knitted plain hats, bobble type for my other daughter’s little one but forgot to photograph them  before sending them off.

If you’d like some multicoloured garments for your little one the prices are:

6-12 or 12-18 months -£16 for the cardigan , £20 for the hoodie
2-3 years – £20 for cardigan, £25 for hoodie

Hats  – £8

If you would like to order please contact me at Please state the item, age and colour preference. Payments are by Paypal

Meanwhile I’d better get knitting, still one and a half hats to knit!


New Studio

Last Monday we had the Grand Opening of my new studio – hence the ribbon. Whilst there is still external painting to be done the inside is pretty well complete

DSC_0060I have also made a path of stepping stones that lead to the studio –  more of those another time

The space inside is generous – indeed 6 of us sat down to eat lunch (the only time we’ll ever do that). It is a light, bright space and is craft inducing. I will be moving my glass and stores around the Studio for a while until I find the best places to put things but that’s normal with any new space. If you’d like to come and see it I am holding an Open Studio on the 24th September when I will be demonstrating the copper foil technique, selling my glass gifts and providing refreshments with donations to the Oxford Breast Imaging Centre. There will be an opportunity to sign up for workshops too if you’d like to participate in being creative. If you’d like to come and join in the day please get in touch via

More news coming soon


I am very excited because we are nearing the end of a project to build me a new workshop. I will be moving out of my half shed (husband has the other half) into a beautiful shed fitted out just for me, including (drum roll) a glass kiln. Some of hyou will know that I have been fusing glass in a microwave kiln for some time but I discovered that there are plug in kilns – ie through a 13amp plug to the mains – which give a much more controlled approach to fusing glass. I will have enough space to fire glass up to 30cm square which is a bit biger than the 6cm I could do before.  I will be continuing to make stained glass products but will also be exploring the things i can do with my kiln. I am sure I will be posting some creations later.

My new workshop in an unpainted state. It will be turning green very shortly


Also, my new workshop enables me to host workshops for up to three guests which is very exciting too. I will be holding workshops for stained glass, mosaic stepping stones and simple fused glass. If you’d like to book a glass taster session please email me at




Knitted phone cover

I droppped my mobile phone on the conservatory floor recently and the screen broke (again). Ho hum.  After some deliberation I decided to buy an upgrade – Samsung Galaxy 5 (only two down from the newest model). I had a good cover for my old phone – although it wasn’t enough to save it from a tiled floor so looked to buy something for my new phone. As it isn’t the latest model none of the shops have the same cover as my old one and I didn’t like the thickness that leather covers give to the phone. I then remembered one of my daughter’s tricks of using a sock as a phone cover. One purple sock later and I felt it wasn’t quite what I wanted so, I knitted a cover instead.

This has some elastic round the top to stop the phone just falling out. I can knit one for any phone and any colour, with elastic or a button on the top. It could even have a wrist strap if you wished. £6.00 including UK p&p.

More tales about sheds and workshops coming soon.

Pram Covers

One of my daughters is expecting her first baby ( a boy) in a few weeks time. I have been busy knitting her a pram cover which I thought I’d share with you. She particularly likes spotty patterns and  we were able to find a suitable pattern for her. Then there is the dilemma, regular spots or random ones! Well, I went for random ones. It is very colourful and I hope the baby likes his spots.

Spotty Pram Cover 1

It reminded me that I had knitted one previously that had been the wrong colour – too girly for a young mum with a baby boy. It is a basket weave pattern that I had to make because I was curious about how the pattern was knitted. It turned out to be easier than I thought and makes a very interesting pattern.

Pram cover Pink

I am happy to knit other patterns of pram covers too if anyone wants one and they would be £25 each. Just get in touch in the usual way.





Beading Projects

Several years ago I made necklaces and bracelets from beads. I have a fair collection of beads (that is, I have a lot!)  and am trying to sell some of them to lighten the load on my attic floor. However, a friend of mine made some bead spiders and so I had to have a go. My friend and I had a stall at a local craft fair and we had them on show there. The effect was quite interesting. People either like spiders or hate them so they raised some interest to the stall which always helps! I made this little fellow (it measures about 8cm across) and plan to have them on my stalls as I have a few coming up at craft fairs to create a bit of interest.

Bead spider4

So, having an interest in beads again I found a pattern for a beaded dragonfly and made a selection. These only measure about 6cm long so I made them into brooches.

Beaded Dragonflies

They are quite easy to make and there are many patterns available on the internet. However, you could always just buy one from me at £2.50 each!





More about Baby Sling Covers

I’ve just dispatched a lovely teal ad soft green sling cover, the colours go together really well


I’m planning on making extension pieces so that the covers kee pace with your baby’s growth.

I also knit baby cardigans so am going to knit a few designs and put them up for sale. That goes for baby hats too, with or without bobbles. More about this in the next month or so.







Pancake Day

So, today is Pancake Day. Great, I love pancakes, dripping with orange juice and sprinkled with sugar,mmmmmmm. However, as I’m on a diet – trying to get to see the number 9 on the scales (!) I’m not making any. My husband asked for pancakes but he’s also on a diet and when I said how many calories there are in a batch he agreed that we’d have to go without this year. The problem is that it’s difficult to only eat one.We had a very good system when my children were at home – one person cooked the pancake and then sat down and eat it while someone else made one. It worked really well cos the pancakes were always hot and fresh and crisp. But, with just the two of us we still want a whole batch and that’s too many calories. So, we’ll just have to eat the fruit we’d have had on the pancake and forego the sugar or syrup.

And so to tomorrow! Still not seeing number 9 but it is early days. Reckon it’ll be July before I see it!

Ta ra


Knitting update

My knitting fingers have been very busy. Not only Baby sling covers but bobble hats as well. My husband plays tennis and often wears a bobble hat (it’s cold playing in winter). One of his co-players admired the hat and the rest is history!DSC_0002.JPG

So, for the price of a ball of double knitting and £5.00 (+p&p) I’ll knit hats too.

On the subject of prices I’ve changed the cost of the baby sling covers:

0.6 months -£15.50, 6+ months – £18.00, incl UK p&p. Please see my attached brochure for more details an colours.Baby sling cover leaflet

Some more variations: Plain

Plain cover lightPatchwork:


Happy February

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