Autumn Craft Fairs and Virtual Market Places

I hardly need to say why there are changes to my Autumn schedule! I have had some fairs cancelled and am hopeful I’ll be able to attend others, but we wait and see.

However, this Sunday (1st November) I will be at Leamington Spa Market.

I will have lots of goodies on display as the table space is huge. Pots and dishes for all occasions as well as Christmas decorations and unique glass gifts.

But, the exciting news that won’t be changing (I hope) is that I have glass works in two virtual market places. On Facebook I am part of ‘A Virtual Christmas Market’. You need to be invited to join but there are nearly 2,000 buyers and sellers looking at it and lots of lovely things to buy. Get in touch with me if you’d like an invite (

From November 14th – 28th I will be taking part in virtual Art Fest Banbury 2020. This is on the Shopappy Banbury site (not one of another variation). You can see lots of artists’ work over the fortnight and I have lots of lovely things on there too.

So, no excuse not to look at what is on offer from artists and craftspeople, (we’re just trying to provide an alternative to another large online shop which shall be nameless). Please support your local businesses in this difficult time.

Here are some goodies:

Nibbles dishes
Serving |Dishes
An Art Wave
An Art Piece
Framed Fused Glass Heart
Two plates

Preview(opens in a new tab)

I am taking bookings for workshops for next year (I am almost booked up for this year). So if you’d like something to look forward to in the new year have a look at my Workshop leaflets. I’m taking all precautions possible under our current conditions, we all wear masks or visors, hand gel is available, tools are cleaned before a workshop and I have separate facilities for visitors (and plenty of days between workshops).

Meanwhile, take care and keep well everyone.

Christmas Designs

I have two Christmas designs this year. My Christmas trees are 7cm high and are available in 7 main colours: White, blue, dark green, light green, red, pink and random. Price £5.50, reductions available for multiple purchases.

My other deign is a small curved tree scene: They measure 10cm wide by 5cm high. Price £5.50

If you’d like to order any trees or curves please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you with payment details.

Postage fees will apply unless you can collect in person in the Banbury area.

I am taking bookings for fused glass workshops with care for Covid restrictions so if you’d like to come and make something gorgeous you’ll be proud of please get in touch through the form.

Craft Fairs this Autumn

Well, lots of craft fairs were cancelled this year but I have had confirmation that some are going ahead. So, I thought I’d post a list with the organisers’ names too. Then, if you would like to catch up with me you can check their websites for the latest information.

Sept 29th – Abingdon Excellence Market, 9am – 3pm in the Market Place. Abingdon Chamber of Commerce

Oct 3rd – Warwick Hall, Burford. Indie Fairs

Oct 10th – Witney Corn Exchange, Mynt Image

Oct 31st/Nov 1st – Newbury Race Course – Oakleigh Fairs

Nov 7th/8th – Holdenby House – Battenburg Events

Nov 28th / 29th – Stoneleigh Park – Oakleigh Fairs

Dec 5th – Warwick Hall, Burford. Indie Fairs

Dec 6th – Bicester Business Park

Hope to see you soon


Open for business

It is with great excitement that I announce that my workshops will now be available to book. All dates are by mutual agreement and I am available any day having retired. HOWEVER….. here is some information that is important at this time.

  1. I have completed a risk assessment for this current situation.
  2. I can accommodate a maximum of 2 guests at a time (one-to-one is great too) and they must be from the same ’social bubble’
  3. Each guest will have their own cleaned tools and I ask that they don’t share them.
  4. Masks / visors must be worn at all times. I will be wearing a visor and I can supply them at £2 each if required.
  5. There is a dedicated guest toilet which is cleaned several days prior to the workshop. There will be antiseptic wipes and hand gel available. Each guest will be issued with a clean towel for their use during the workshop
  6. The studio will be thoroughly cleaned before the workshop – I don’t run more than one a day. Hand gel will be available in the studio too.
  7. I can supply tea and coffee but am very happy for guests to bring their own refreshments. Due to the mask wearing rules in the studio, food and drink must be consumed in the garden where there is ample room for social distancing.
  8. The workshop may take place in my gazebo outside the studio if the weather is suitable.

I offer these workshops to adults or secondary school children accompanied by and adult, but numbers are still limited to 2 guests per workshop. I am unable to offer the lampworking workshop to youngsters at this time.

Workshops available: (see the leaflets above)

Fused Glass. ½ day £48 per person

Choose from coasters, a dish or a decorated free-standing wave or your very own soap dish / hand gel dish. Leave the glass with me to go through the kiln and we arrange a collection or postal date (p&p extra)

Mosaics: 1 day £85 per person

  1. stepping stone – this takes a week to set. You take it away with you with instructions for turning it out
  2. coffee table dish. This will need grouting at least 24 hours after the workshop. Grout and instructions provided

Lampworking – limited to ONE guest only: ½ day £48

Make your own set of beads by melting glass rods in a torch.

My contact details are:


phone: 07765016642

BUT, most of all if you come for a workshop HAVE FUN and keep safe

Polymer Clay – brooches

I love making things out of glass using my kiln but, due to lockdown, I haven’t had any opportunities to sell it. Church Lane Gallery is now open and it is available there. So, what am I to do with my studio and retirement?

I started playing with polymer clay and discovered the fun and satisfaction of mixing and blending colours. I do love it when colours become marbled. So, I had to make something and ended up making these brooches. They have a pin on the back and are just such fun to make. They are available from my Etsy shop – just search for Cosy Creative Crafts. They measure 4cm across and are quite lightweight.

Mosaic Workshops during Lockdown

Are you desperate to do something creative outside your own four walls or garden? I am offering mosaic workshops in my garden with plenty of space for social distancing. We can mosaic under a gazebo if necessary

What can you make?

Whole day: A stepping stone (which you take away and leave for a week to set)

Whole day: A coffee table dish

Half day: If you want to make your own project at home you can come for a half day to learn the processes and have a little go.

A selection of stepping stones in my path
A coffee table dish designed and created by my neighbour
My latest huge project

Please contact me at: to book

Whole day – £85, Half day – £48 per person

Steam Train

I’ve just finished this mosaic project. I started it last year but used the lockdown to complete it. Ultimately it will be hung on our garden fence but meantime we’re showing it off in the front garden.

We love steam trains and hope to have our own model layout soon – we’ve been planning it for over 10 years! Maybe now we’re both locked down we might start it. Anyway, I had the idea to make a large project and drew it out on hardie backer board which is perfect for outdoor projects. It measures 80 x 120cm so it’s no small piece but it was lovely to work on something big.

When lockdown ends I run mosaic workshops so you could come and learn how to make picture for yourself. However, if you’d like to commission me to have more fun in the sunshine and make you a mosaic picture for indoors or outdoors and any size do get in touch.

Lockdown progress

What have you been up to during this period of Lockdown? Like me, perhaps you’ve re-decorated everything in sight, cleaned out your cupboards and now have a stock of bags to go to charity shops, whenever they re-open!

I have also been working on some creative ideas.

I was cleaning the studio, repainting bits that need repainting and generally trying the occupy my time well. On one of the shelves I found some mosaic tiles that I had been ‘keeping for a rainy day’! They are Smalti tiles which are a particular Italian glass tile. They are formed into rounds – pizza –  and then cut up into rectangular chunks of a fairly regular size. I had bought two sets of mixed colours, so I sat down to sort them out. At first, I thought I had 4 or 5 shades of each colour, then discovered that there were actually 11 or 12 shades of each colour. I do enjoy sorting things, jigsaw pieces, mosaic tiles etc so I had fun trying to sort them into one continuous colour line.

My husband suggested that I mosaic the step into my studio but when I looked into using smalti I discovered that they are unsuitable for walking on. The tiles are meant to be used sideways, cut side uppermost, but that surface is very uneven. The benefit is that light reflects differently off the surfaces, giving a particular effect, but not suitable for walking on. Also, unusually for mosaic tiles, smalti are not usually grouted.

So, I designed a piece for our garden. We have a messy bit of garden (as one does) and we’re going to put up a screen with the picture hanging on it. See what you think:

Smalti 70%

It’s very colourful and I look forward to seeing it hanging in its new home.

I wish you a healthy time during this weird period of our lives and I hope to be running workshops and attending craft fairs soon.


Lockdown Glass

Well, what a strange Spring we are having. I retired in February but didn’t realise that everyone was going to join me!

I am very fortunate to have my studio in my back garden so access to it is unrestricted as many other glass artists can’t get to play as easily.

I have been making lots of lovely things – including Christmas Trees, but more of those later in the year.

However, I’ve also been playing with the alphabet. These are large letters, 18cm high. They are made to order and are available in any letter and any combination of colours. They come complete with a chain to hang them from. They are £29.50 each incl p&p.

Alphabet B3a Alphabet J3a Alphabet K1a Alphabet S1

I am booked into a lot of craft fairs this year but the early ones in May have been cancelled / postponed. I am hoping that later ones will still go ahead but who knows? I will publish them when this crisis is all over.

Meanwhile, keep well and stay home.

Hen Party

I’ve been working on some quirky animals / birds and I’d like to introduce you to Amelia (with the ‘skirt’) and her Hen pals, that’s Molly, Polly, Jemima, Alice and Susan.


These ladies are all free standing and will soon be joined by more friends.

Soon to be available at a craft fair near you.

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