Group Workshop – Mug Decorating

This glorious selection were made by guests at a cancer support centre. This workshop requires only the use of scissors and a tray of water. Be warned….. this is highly addictive!

This workshop could be part of a crafting session at a group support centre


We use special kiln proof decals (transfers) to decorate mugs. I provide the plain white mugs and a huge selection of decals. The mugs are taken away at the end of the session and then fired in my kiln after which they will be dishwasher proof. The mugs will then be returned / collected at least 5 days after the workshop.

Number of participants

Unlimited but I need to know roughly how many mugs to bring. This is an addictive craft so each person usually makes more than one (or two!).


£3 per mug plus travelling expenses

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