Group Workshop – Group Activity Mosaic Mirror Surround

In secret I asked my colleagues to complete a square for a retirement gift. Every square had to have pink or peach in it as the chosen colour scheme. 29 squares were made which was enough for a 2×4 foot mirror and a piece of wall art. The recipient learnt of the project when her retirement evening crafting event was to make some squares. She then was involved in selecting the order that the tiles were placed around the mirror and the shape of the wall art. They hang in her hallway with the names on the back as to who made each square.

Would you like to have a group activity in your venue that makes a special gift for one of the group – on Retirement or for a Hen? Then this is for you.


Each member of the group makes one or more mosaic squares in the colour scheme specified by the recipient (who doesn’t have to be present if this is a surprise). The squares will be taken away and arranged to surround the mirror, grouted and will be ready to be collected two weeks after the workshop. The finished size of the mirror depends on how many squares are made. Minimum finished size is 40cm x 40cm.

Group numbers

Any number of participants. Minimum number of squares required is 12. If too many are made to make a sensible sized mirror the remaining ones can be made into a piece of wall art or table top.


£15 per participant plus travelling expenses

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