Memory Hearts

Glass Heart with ashes inside
Heart as a necklace


Without loop : £20

With a loop and ribbon: £25

With loop and necklace chain: £30

These beautiful hearts can encase some of your loved one’s, or pet’s, ashes.

Glass Hearts

Having something to hug when you have lost a loved one or favourite pet feels so good

A Memory Heart is a unique, hand-made, beautiful heart shapd glass object, in which the artist places a tiny amount of your loved one’s ashes. Forever, you have their memory to love, hold and hug.


The Ashes: Please post a teaspoon of the ashes to me, be assured I will take the very best care of them whilst they are here. I will post back any unused ashes.

Once I have received the ashes your heart keepsake(s) will be posted to you within 3 weeks.


Colour: each heart is individually made so any colour combinations are possible, including teal/turquoise, pink, purple, brown and white.

With or without a loop: the heart can have a loop on the top and can be hung on a ribbon or with a necklace chain or it can be without a loop so that you can hold the heart in your hand or place in your pocket.

Visible or invisible ashes: the ashes can be at the very centre of the heart and then covered with opaque glass to cover them – making them invisible or they can be a swirl of sparkly silver pieces.

Please use the button below to contact me for this service.

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