What is Stained Glass, Copper Foil Technique / Tiffany Style?

This is a copper foiled heart made with a mixture of transparent and textured glass

Here are some questions and answers that may help you understand the workshop:

Glass in a stained glass window is held in with lead. Glass pieces using the copper foil technique are made using copper foil and solder to hold them together

What is stained glass? Art glass that is used to create decorative ‘sun catchers’. It is available in transparent (suitable for hanging in a window) opaque (suitable for hanging on a wall) and streaky (a mixture of both).

What are the processes involved?

  1. Draw your pattern, full size
  2. Choose your glass
  3. Score and break the pieces to make the right shape and size
  4. Grind the edges of each piece to make them smooth and round the corners
  5. Wash the edges.
  6. Wrap the edges with self adhesive copper foil
  7. Solder the pieces together
  8. Wash and polish

How long does it take? For a 6 hour workshop you can make a suncatcher that has 6 or 7 pieces. If you would like to make a piece with more glass I can offer an extended workshop of 2 days.

Does it go in the kiln?  No, you take your piece away with you at the end of the workshop

What are the hazards of the workshop: glass is naturally sharp so care is needed when handling it. The soldering iron tip gets very hot, as does the solder. You will be taught how to handle both safely

What can I expect from the day? You will go home with a suncatcher made entirely by you in colours of your choice. Like all practical skills scoring and breaking glass and soldering take time to master so this is a taster day, an introduction to these techniques.

Can I make a 3 dimensional piece eg a penpot? No. This requires a lot of experience of soldering and would take more than a day

Here are some of the steps

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