My name is Jane and I live just outside Banbury in North Oxfordshire UK with my husband Bernard. I recently retired so am able to spend more time playing in my glass studio.

Firescreen, Mackintosh sty;e

My journey started when I went on a stained glass taster day and year on year I have added to my skill set and tools!  I love working with glass and am keen to explore the many ways of creating beautiful things with it. I did make Bernard a fire screen for Christmas using lead came. The amazing thing is that it was a complete surprise to him.

After this I wanted to use the copper foil technique as I could make more intricate things. The first was a knot for my daughter’s wedding.

Wedding knot

For Christmas I asked for a microwave kiln, and microwave of course. Father Christmas duly delivered but the first microwave (700W) was underpowered and the results were unreliable. An 800W machine was bought and that’s been a great success.

Since then I moved into my custom made studio in my garden. I can now hold workshops for up to two people at a time. I love sharing my skills with others and the responses from participants have been very positive – some keep coming back for more.dsc_0064

Then, I went on a mosaic course and enjoyed that. I have decided to offer mosaic workshops, especially making stepping stones for the garden. I enjoy working with mosaics – it’s like colouring.

Since then I have had a lampwork torch installed in the studio and I make Santa’s, snowmen and penguin Christmas tree hangers.

When I was looking at setting up a website and shop I needed a logo. I came up with an idea which my son-in-law has done wonderful things with in photoshop (another course I will be doing in the new year) and Lizzie Lou was born.

Lizzie Lou

I have no doubt that there will be more developments over time as I don’t stand still for very long


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