Half Day Lampworking Workshop

Cost: per person £48

£30 each for two people sharing the torch

eVouchers are available for this course, cost: £48 each

Lampworking Workshop

Lampworking is using a torch to create glass beads. This is a taster course and the road to confidence takes several months. However, this course is fun as you form beads in your own choice of colours.

The Process

I have a torch in the studio in which it is possible to melt glass rods in the flame (at about 1400C) and form a bead around a metal rod (mandrel).

I will teach you:

  • safety in the torch environment
  • how to melt the glass
  • forming a bead
  • different forms of decoration
  • the cooling process

You are welcome to take your beads home with you but if you want to make long-lasting jewellery with them I recommend that you leave them with me to anneal in my kiln and post them on after the workshop. The annealing process allows the glass to cool down very, very slowly (over 12 hours or so).

If you’d like to bring a friend you can share the session between you. I do only have one torch but one learns by watching as well as being hands on.

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