‘Pull Your Own Stringers’ Workshop for Glass Artists

Cost: £48 (one per person per workshop only)

eVouchers are available for this course

Are you working with glass already but would like to have a go at pulling weird and wonderful stringer shapes or two/three coloured twisties? Then this workshop is for you.

Stringers are made using a lampwork torch, not a vitrigraph kiln.

This is a fun workshop where you actually get to handle hot glass. Please bring thin strips, scraps (not smaller than 2.5cm long) or rods of your chosen colours. I use Bullseye (CoE 90) which may not be compatible with your glass. We will use my clear glass to practice with so your own colours will turn into usable pieces.

Plan of the workshop:

  • I will teach you safety in the torch environment
  • pull a simple stringer
  • pull a stringer with a curve
  • make and pull twisties

You will be able to take all of your stringers away with you but they will not have been annealed. Use them on a multitude of projects

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